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The Murder Mystery Company in New Orleans

The Murder Mystery Company in New Orleans

The Murder Mystery Company is New Orleans' Experts in Mystery Entertainment. Planning your next party in the Big Easy has never been easier. Team up with our murderously fun mystery experts while entertaining a group of friends, coworkers, or family anywhere in the New Orleans area. We also provide hours of entertainment with our engaging interactive dinner theater that you won’t find anywhere else!

Private Events

Don’t You Want To Throw the Event That EVERYONE Raves About?

The Murder Mystery Company would love to be part of your next big or small event anywhere in the New Orleans area! For any event, at any venue, and any amount of people, we provide a killer night of mystery you and your guests will never forget! Our many customizable show themes are to die for. Click here or call today at (888) 643-2583 (CLUE) to start plotting your murder with us today.

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Public Shows

Haven’t you always wanted to do something like this?

Life is a party in the Big Easy, and we want to keep your good times rolling at our public shows. Dress for the night’s theme and make a big impression to be part of the thrilling plot as you and other guests find clues, trade information, and watch events unfold to solve the crime of the night while enjoying a delicious three course dinner. Here is a clue, seats fill up fast with The Murder Mystery Company in New Orleans, so get your tickets today!

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The Best of the Best

Our customers love us! As the second largest theater company in America with acting troupes from coast to coast, we could brag about it all day, but we’d rather just let them tell you! The Murder Mystery Company now resides in over 18 states with 33 public show venues and over 300,000 guests each year! Nothing makes us happier than creating a killer crime scene for you to sleuth through and watching you figure out whodunit!

As if New Orleans wasn’t already brimming with mystery and intrigue, adding The Murder Mystery Company definitely ups the stakes! Our mystery experts love bringing you an evening of food, fun, and murder that you will never forget! With all of our performers trained in the GRIMprov method of acting, and taking part in hundreds of shows, your show is guaranteed to be a hit! Join us and solve a mystery in New Orleans!

The Murder Mystery Company in New Orleans

Host a Murder Mystery Party!

Whether you have an intimate gathering of 8 people, or a good size crowd of 8,000, the Murder Mystery Company is the ultimate event solution. Contact us now so we can plan your murder today!

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